Play is very important to kids and also to our healthcare professionals. Through the Power of Play we see kids get healthier faster, recover from life-threatening diseases, and even find joy and strength on the road to recovery.

Nina Beauchesne, FACHE, Administrator

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
and Pediatric Services,
Memorial Healthcare System

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I use several things, such as walking the dogs, playing video games such as Wii sports and riding bikes.

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At Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, our focus is on caring for children and supporting their families. That’s why the Pediatric Imaging Department offers comprehensive imaging services, and our board-certified pediatric radiologists follow imaging protocols tailored to minimize radiation exposure to children.

Watch our video to see how we incorporate amazing imaging technology in a fun way for the kids.

Fun Facts

  • The hospital features several activity centers where patients and families can play, study, use computers, relax, watch TV, get a snack, and even meditate.


The Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is committed to clinical excellence and the highest standards of patient care. Quality medical care and a child-friendly environment are priorities when treating children with cancer and blood disorders.

Watch the story of Cheryl and her son, Dustin, who has been cancer-free for nine years.

Fun Facts

  • Our room-service-style dining allows patients to choose from a menu and have meals delivered when they are ready or available to eat.


Physicians with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Cardiac Center have more than 150 years of combined experience. The highly regarded specialists have performed successful operations for many conditions, including heart transplants for infants.

Watch our video of Donna as she recalls her daughter Talia’s open heart surgery.

Fun Facts

  • Kids scheduled for surgery can participate in a Teddy Bear Tour of the hospital so they can familiarize themselves with the facility and the different activity centers.

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